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A narrator’s voice must be clear and concise, having the ability to enunciate words without sounding stiff. ...read more

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A good voice-over can reach through the speakers and grab the listener’s attention. At times, a sincere...read more

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Character Voices

Character voice-overs require abilities beyond simply reading a script.  Acting plays a big part...read more

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Audio Books

Reading a book leaves a lot to the imagination…it’s a one-on-one connection between the the author and the...read more

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Video Presentations

Creating a Video Presentation is a time-consuming process.  So much is put into finding and arranging the...read more

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AMC Studios is a voice-over and audio production company founded by Scott Thomas, a voice-over professional of over 25 years.



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Audio production

Listen to the terrifying new audiobook “Bloodletting” from bestselling author Michael McBride, performed by Scott Thomas. Now available at Amazon, iTunes and Audible.com.

Warning!  Intense, graphic content:


Bloodletting with ST

The butchered remains of Jasmine Rivers are discovered in the cellar of an abandoned farmhouse on the desolate eastern plains of Colorado, the fourth mutilated body found in the last two months. The FBI is still searching for the missing parts of the previous three.

Hundreds of miles away in Arizona, 11 corpses are exhumed from the Sonoran Desert. They’ve been mummified and bundled in traditional Inca style. But the Inca lived in South America, and these bodies aren’t centuries old.

Seemingly unrelated victims that share a common cause of death: exsanguination.

Special Agent Paxton Carver follows the trail of blood, which leads him to the continuation of genetic experimentation that began during World War II and a designer retrovirus capable of altering human chromosomes. Can he track down the virus and prevent further exposure before the real bloodletting begins?

©2008-2013 Michael McBride (P)2014 Michael McBride


Later this year, look for the release of Michael McBride’s newest audiobook titled “Fearful Symmetry” narrated by Scott Thomas.

Fearful Symmetry

Please visit the author’s website to learn more:  http://author.michaelmcbride.net/

Coming this November to Amazon, iTunes & Audible.com:

Clive Barrett is a fast learner. His first kills were amateurish, but Clive knows that practice makes perfect. Soon, he expects to be one of the most notorious serial killers in the UK. He expects to be number one.

There is just one problem: one of Clive’s victims simply won’t stay dead.

It turns out that one of Clive’s early kills wasn’t just sloppy; it wasn’t a kill at all. Now, improving his craft might just be the least of Clive’s worries, because the woman he thought he’d murdered knows his name. She knows where he lives.

And she’s coming for him…

Survivor cover ST 300x300

Scott Thomas performs “Survivor”, the latest thriller by British author K.R. Griffiths.  Look for the release of this nail-biting thriller in audiobook form this November on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.com.  Learn more about author K.R. Griffiths at his website:  http://www.krgriffiths.org/


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