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A narrator’s voice must be clear and concise, having the ability to enunciate words without sounding stiff. ...read more

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A good voice-over can reach through the speakers and grab the listener’s attention. At times, a sincere...read more

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Character Voices

Character voice-overs require abilities beyond simply reading a script.  Acting plays a big part...read more

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Audio Books

Reading a book leaves a lot to the imagination…it’s a one-on-one connection between the the author and the...read more

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Video Presentations

Creating a Video Presentation is a time-consuming process.  So much is put into finding and arranging the...read more

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AMC Studios is a voice-over and audio production company founded by Scott Thomas, a voice-over professional of over 25 years.


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Radio & Television
Business Narrations
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Featured Narrator of the Month, Scott Thomas, discusses his career shift to narrating audio books  for AudioBook Monthly magazine.  AUDIOBOOKMONTHLY.COM

Narrator of the Month lets us take a peek into…
Soon to be released, Scott Thomas’ sixth audio book narration, Predatory Instinct.
Predatory Instinct
This is the third collaboration between Thomas and best-selling author Michael McBride.

Author Robert Burns and narrator Scott Thomas team up for the audio book release of Timbiat – The Awakening, now available on iTunes, Amazon & Audible.

Timbiat-The Awakening

Here’s a clip of Josiah having a spirited dialogue with his nemesis, Vincent.


Now available, best-selling author Michael McBride & narrator Scott Thomas present “Fearful Symmetry” in audio book form.  Great reviews are creating quite a buzz…

Fearful-Symmetry-by-MM and ST

The following is from the February 22 article in The Big Thrill, the online publication of International Thriller Writers.

Fearful Symmetry, by Michael McBride

Narrated by Scott Thomas

More than 75 years ago, five Nazi scientists embarked upon an expedition into the frozen Himalayas in search of the origins of the Aryan race. What they found instead was something beyond their wildest imaginations–a secret they would sooner take to their graves than risk releasing upon an unsuspecting world.

Now nearly a hundred years old, Johann Brandt, the lone surviving member of the original party, shares his discovery with Jordan Brooks, an evolutionary anthropologist who launches his own expedition into one of the most dangerous environments on the face of the planet in search of the evidence Brandt claims to have left behind.

If Brooks and his team hope to find the proof, they’ll have to follow the historical footsteps of the Germans into the hunting grounds of a species that evolved in utter geographical isolation, and their only hope for survival lies in uncovering the truth about the ill-fated Nazi expedition…for those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

FEARFUL SYMMETRY is available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.


 Also available is FINDING SAGRADO, written by Roger E. Carrier and performed by Scott Thomas.

Finding Sagrado with reviews

A Teenage Odyssey for Adults and Mature Teenage Readers: Roger E. Carrier tells an engaging story of youth, redemption, and sexual coming of age in New Mexico. In 1971, 17-year-old Shane Russell makes a well-planned escape from a Michigan winter and sets off on a 2,000-mile adventure in search of a town that exists only between the covers of Richard Bradford’s famous New Mexico novel Red Sky at Morning. Driven to recreate the nude scenes and vivid characters in Bradford’s fictional town of Sagrado, Shane forever touches the lives of his widowed landlady, the detective hired to find him, and his new friends at a colorful high school deep in the Land of Enchantment. Against the backdrop of his father’s death in Vietnam and life with his stepmother’s new boyfriend, Shane flees the painful realities of his life. In doing so, he finds a place where bats fly and love heals the wounds of the human spirit.

©2014 Roger E. Carrier (P)2015 Roger E. Carrier




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