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A narrator’s voice must be clear and concise, having the ability to enunciate words without sounding stiff. ...read more

      Narration Demo


A good voice-over can reach through the speakers and grab the listener’s attention. At times, a sincere...read more

   Commercial Demo

Character Voices

Character voice-overs require abilities beyond simply reading a script. Acting plays a big part...read more

Character Voice Demo

Audio Books

Reading a book leaves a lot to the imagination…it’s a one-on-one connection between the the author and the...read more

   Audio Book Demo

Video Presentations

Creating a Video Presentation is a time-consuming process. So much is put into finding and arranging the...read more

Video Presentation Demo


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               AKG Closeup  AMC Studios is a voice-over and audio production company founded by Scott Thomas, a voice-actor and audio professional of over 25 years.


Currently in the final stages of the audio book version of “Sunblind”, written by best-selling author Michael McBride.  This book was voted Best of 2014 by Darkfuse Readers Choice!  Audio book due out next month!

Scott Thomas’ latest audio book narration, “Twisted”, is now available at iTunes, Amazon & Audible.com!

Check out this clip from TWISTED where a terrified mother discovers there is definitely something not right in this house.

Twisted-good rez

It’s bad enough that 8 year old Mal Douglas had to deal with creatures under his bed…but now THIS?!!

Mal meets his newborn sister for the first time.  This is what you would call sensory overload…

“TWISTED”, the hair-raising novel written by national AND international best-selling horror writer Michaelbrent Collings!

Read recent reviews on the audiobook “Twisted”:




Now available, Scott Thomas’ third collaboration with 
best-selling author Michael McBride!  Buy it today at Amazon, iTunes or Audible.com!
Predatory Instinct
In the following clip, a team of elite commandos is sent into an abandoned underground system of tunnels to hunt down a killer.  Little do they know that the prey is chasing the predator.
Now available on iTunes, Amazon & Audible.com, best-selling author Michael McBride
& narrator Scott Thomas present Fearful Symmetry in audio book form.  

Fearful-Symmetry-by-MM and ST

Trapped on a rickety bridge, a raging river hundreds of feet below, and creatures approaching…from both directions!

Ever wonder what a 95 year old man with a German accent sounds like?


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