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AMC Studios is a voice-over and audio production company founded by Scott Thomas, professional narrator of over 25 years.




-performed by SCOTT THOMAS

edens revelations_audiobook JB+ST



Winner of the 2015 Shelf Unbound Indie Notable Award, and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com!

The Second Tree JB+ST with award

Thanks to a drunken accident in Western Uganda, Martin and Andrew think they’ve found the next culinary craze to hit Manhattan’s trendy restaurant scene. They’re about to find out they’ve stumbled onto a centuries-old secret that, once unleashed, may be impossible to contain.

Everyone wants something from the new discovery. Andrew wants a chance to make a decent living and escape his dead-end job. Self-absorbed, greed-driven Martin wants to profit from a cutthroat industry that envisions a revolutionary product lurking in the find.

Military organizations at home and abroad have their own more violent agendas. And, hidden in a West Ugandan valley, a tribe of guardians wonder if an ancient prophecy is reaching fulfillment or if the world discovered their secret too soon.

In a story reminiscent of Crichton and Brown’s corporate and religious thrillers, John Butziger presents a potent mix of adventure, conspiracy, and the mystical. From the petty double-dealing of a culinary network channel to the high-stakes world of cyber espionage, Butziger weaves a complex adventure where few can be trusted-and all want to control the power of The Second Tree.

©2014 John Butziger (P)2015 John Butziger


Lori has an unexpected run-in with Martin.

 Get “The Order” series, written by John Butziger, narrated by Scott Thomas – available now at Amazon, Audible and iTunes!

Wolf Hunt-JS & ST

Not gonna waste your time with the synopsis that you can read elsewhere (and I don’t give spoilers). Now, what did I think about Wolf Hunt…?

After listening to Wolf Hunt, I waited two days before writing this review to see if my enthusiasm for it would die down. It didn’t. I am still blown away by this awesome work, both by the story itself and the superb performance of Scott Thomas.

First the story: it grabbed me from the opening line and never allowed me to take a breath until the end. I am having a hard time thinking of a another book that, from beginning to end, had no downtime for the tedious job of building characters or plot and yet built characters you genuinely invested feelings for and a plot so well built that I didn’t want to hit pause because there was no good place to. In Wolf Hunt, the characters and plot are developed seamlessly in the midst of a breakneck sprint of 7 hrs of audio entertainment. This is a story that I would classify as “mild or light horror”. It does have a truly evil SOB and the story doesn’t shy away from gore, but my “gore-meter” is pretty high. Your results may vary…

I must say, initially, I was leery of Wolf Hunt when I saw it appeared to be self-published. I am still feeling burned by Hard Luck Hank 2, 3, & 4 and the horrible experience of Night Lord, all self-published and all would have benefited from editorial insights. I happily attest that Wolf Hunt is as polished and well-written as a Stephen King novel, and I don’t give accolades like that often. Wolf Hunt deserves credit like that. Don’t get me wrong: this is not a book with deep, hidden meaning and depth (like Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death by Charlie Huston, for example) and it isn’t an epic struggle of Good vs Evil (like The Stand by Stephen King, for example) or an instant literary classic (like Alas, Babylon). It is simply a fun escapist werewolf story well executed.

Now for the audio performance: I think Scott Thomas’ magnificent performance was the reason for my unfettered enthusiasm and why I felt I had to delay putting my review down. Scott’s portrayal of the characters was flawless. He simply OWNED the characters to such a degree that I think I would have a different view of the characters if someone else was the reader. He gave such a distinctive voice to each character that I had no problem building a mental image of each character based on the voice alone. He was George, Lou, and Ivan the way James Marsters IS Harry Dresden or Scott Brick IS John Corey. This was my first audiobook with Mr Thomas as the reader but it won’t be the last. He has perfect timing and a wide array of distinctive voices. Well done, Mr Thomas!!!

To close, I greatly enjoyed this sometimes humorous horror story, both because of the story itself and the audio experience, to such a degree that if I was trying to demonstrate to an avid reader the joys of the audiobook experience, I would reach for Wolf Hunt as an example of how audio adds to the overall story when it’s done properly.

Rating:  4.4 out of 5

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          A delicious combination of dark humor

and cringe-inducing horror…”

                                   “Like Pulp Fiction with werewolves!”

                                                 “Bloody Effin’ Fun!”

“A great horror audiobook!”


Meet George & Lou…

Mr. Bateman gets some very bad news.

 WOLF HUNT, now available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.com

George & Lou are back in “Wolf Hunt 2”, narrated by Scott Thomas!

GUEST REVIEW: “WOLF HUNT 2” by Jeff Strand


Guest Review: Wolf Hunt 2 by Jeff StrandWolf Hunt 2 by Jeff Strand
Narrator: Scott Thomas
Published:  on 29 March 2016
Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins
Genres: Horror, Humor, Werewolf
Format: Audiobook
Rating:  4.6 out of 5

Let’s get right to the nitty gritty: If you are into werewolf stories, Wolf Hunt 2 is one of the best werewolf novels out there. If you are into well narrated audiobooks, Wolf Hunt and Wolf Hunt 2 are among the best narration performances available.

Wolf Hunt 2 is the sequel to (surprise!) Wolf Hunt. That lovable duo, George and Lou, are back and in more trouble than ever. Not going to give any spoilers but the humor and the werewolves are also back and better than ever. There are surprises and epic confrontations and witty banter and humor galore. There is also sadness and descriptive (mild) gore. As with the first book, these werewolves don’t have any angst and aren’t looking to date impressionable high schoolers. They are alpha predators and eat meat.

Scott Thomas really brought his A game when narrating Wolf Hunt 2. He really brought both Wolf Hunts to life and was the perfect choice. All of the characters’ voices were distinctive and consistent. His performance was so good, I am currently looking for other audiobooks narrated by him just because I know it is going to be a professional, well-done narration.

If you are reading this review, you are probably trying to decide if you want to “take a chance” on Wolf Hunt 2. Get the first one, Wolf Hunt, first and you will automatically get this one next because you won’t want the hunt to end.

Wolf Hunt 2-js+st





George and Lou are forced to carry out the kidnapping of another werewolf…this one a 14 year old girl.  Here, they debate the wisdom of carrying out this plan.

George finds himself in a precarious situation with the very cranky Mr. Dewey.



Deeply creepy & completely satsifying…”

Twisted-good rez

“Twisted” – available at iTunes, Amazon & Audible.com!

Check out this clip from TWISTED where a terrified mother discovers there is definitely something not right in this house.

It’s bad enough that 8 year old Mal Douglas had to deal with creatures under his bed…but now THIS?!!

Mal meets his newborn sister for the first time.  This is what you would call sensory overload…

“TWISTED”, the hair-raising novel written by national AND international best-selling horror writer Michaelbrent Collings!

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Now available, Scott Thomas’ third collaboration with 
best-selling author Michael McBride!  Buy it today at Amazon, iTunes or Audible.com!
Predatory Instinct
In the following clip, a team of elite commandos is sent into an abandoned underground system of tunnels to hunt down a killer.  Little do they know that the prey is chasing the predator.

Now available on iTunes, Amazon & Audible.com, best-selling author Michael McBride
& narrator Scott Thomas present Fearful Symmetry in audio book form.  

Fearful-Symmetry-by-MM and ST

Trapped on a rickety bridge, a raging river hundreds of feet below, and creatures approaching…from both directions!

Ever wonder what a 95 year old man with a German accent sounds like?


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