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A narrator’s voice must be clear and concise, having the ability to enunciate words without sounding stiff. ...read more

      Narration Demo


A good voice-over can reach through the speakers and grab the listener’s attention. At times, a sincere...read more

   Commercial Demo

Character Voices

Character voice-overs require abilities beyond simply reading a script.  Acting plays a big part...read more

Character Voice Demo

Audio Books

Reading a book leaves a lot to the imagination…it’s a one-on-one connection between the the author and the...read more

   Audio Book Demo

Video Presentations

Creating a Video Presentation is a time-consuming process.  So much is put into finding and arranging the...read more

Video Presentation Demo


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AMC Studios is a voice-over and audio production company founded by Scott Thomas, a voice-over professional of over 25 years.


Character Actor
Radio & Television
Business Narrations
Cartoon voices
Audio production


Currently in production for audiobook, it’s “Sunblind” by best-selling author Michael McBride.  This book was voted Best of 2014 by Darkfuse Readers Choice!


Check out Scott Thomas’ latest audio book narrations available on iTunes, Amazon & Audible.com! 

Scott Thomas’ latest audio book narration, “Twisted”, is now available at iTunes, Amazon & Audible.com!

Check out this clip from TWISTED where a terrified mother discovers there is definitely something not right in this house.

Twisted-good rez

It’s bad enough that 8 year old Mal Douglas had to deal with creatures under his bed…but now THIS?!!

Now available, Scott Thomas’ third collaboration with 
best-selling author Michael McBride!  Buy it today at Amazon, iTunes or Audible.com!
Predatory Instinct
In the following clip, a team of elite commandos is sent into an abandoned underground system of tunnels to hunt down a killer.  Little do they know that the prey is chasing the predator.
Now available on iTunes, Amazon & Audible.com, best-selling author Michael McBride
& narrator Scott Thomas present Fearful Symmetry in audio book form.  

Fearful-Symmetry-by-MM and ST

Trapped on a rickety bridge, a raging river hundreds of feet below, and creatures approaching…from both directions!

Ever wonder what a 95 year old man with a German accent sounds like?


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