Audio Production


What is AMC Studios?

A lot of folks ask:  “AMC Studios…the Cable Channel?!!”

No.  That’s a different AMC.

AMC Studios was founded in 2003 by Scott Thomas, a veteran voice-over artist and audio production specialist.

Where does the name AMC Studios come from?  Simple…AMC stands for Alex/Maddie/Carolyn – Scott’s twin daughters, and wife of 24 years.

Scott has been performing voice-overs for nearly 30 years, with a wide range of styles and deliveries.  Clients and agencies from coast-to-coast have sought Scott out for his talent, professionalism and attention to detail.

Radio and television commercials, business narrations, audio books, amusement park characters, documentaries, video game voices, website narrations, video presentations…Scott has worked with scores of recognizable names such as Disney, The Jacksonville Jaguars, General Dynamics, Coca Cola, Safetouch Security, Gate Petroleum, Lexus, Burger King, Sally Corporation, Dalton Agency, DR Horton, and so many more.

For projects that require multiple voices, Scott has a network of widely diverse talent, ranging from children to mature adults.

  • Radio and Television Voice-Overs
  • Character Actor
  • Audio Books
  • Documentaries
  • Presentations
  • Narrations
  • Cartoon voices
  • Audio production