Audio Production



One of the most critical components to a successful commercial is the voice-over, which can reach through the speakers and grab the listener’s attention…or bore them to sleep.

At times, a sincere, natural read is ideal…

Other projects call for a hard, edgy delivery.

There are so many elements that go into a good read, but this much is always true – delivering a good voice-over is much more than simply reading a script

Scott Thomas – Warm & Sincere commercial demo:




Scott Thomas – Hard Sell commercial demo:


Character Voices

Acting plays a big part in making any character voice work.  One must be able to play the part in character, while maintaining the integrity of the script.  Scott Thomas has honed his voice-acting skills in the audiobook, video-game and amusement park worlds

“When my longtime recording engineer closed shop, I thought I’d be trekking to Orlando, or even Atlanta, to find a studio and engineer with the skills and equipment required to handle the shows I produce for our international clients. It was such good fortune that I was introduced to Scott and discovered both an exceptional engineer and an outstanding voice talent. Not only have you exceeded my expectations on the recording end, but you’ve brought many of our characters to delightful, world-class life….from a hilarious raccoon to a LEGO villain and many more; and, of course, you’re a terrific announcer. 
Working with you is a joy…you make each session a pleasure. And if anyone wants to know what I think of you, as an engineer, voice actor or person, tell them to call me.  Thanks for making me look good!”  –  Jan Sherman, Assistant V.P.Creative Services – Sally Corporation


Scott Thomas’ character voice demo:


Character voice dialogue demo:



A good narrator does so much more than just read the words.  A good narrator conveys the message that cannot help but be remembered.  

There are, of course, many different types of narration deliveries.  Scott Thomas has a tremendous range in his toolbox, from warm & conversational, to sincere and professional.  He has a unique skill set in his ability to connect with the script, and pull the listener in…


Scott Thomas – friendly/believable/conversational business narration:


Scott Thomas – business/professional narration:


Audio Books

Reading a book leaves a lot to the imagination…it’s a one-on-one connection between the author and the reader. Listening to an audiobook provides an entirely different experience…

See list of audiobooks narrated by Scott Thomas.




Video Presentations

Creating a Video Presentation is a time-consuming process.  So much is put into finding and arranging the right video and images, but another facet is just as important…the Voice-Over.

There are many different types of presentations, requiring different styles of Voice-Over delivery, ranging from warm and sincere to fun and inviting.  The narrator’s voice must complement the video to elicit the proper response from the viewer.

Scott Thomas understands the subtleties of voice-over, and works with the directors and producers to deliver the perfect read every time.

“I’ve worked with Scott for voice over and production work for years and have been consistently impressed. He has a clear, strong, quality voice that is easily adaptable for a variety of commercial work. He is professional and always works within budget and deadline time frames. He is also extraordinarily easy and fun to work with. Would highly recommend him for any project.” – Renay Daigle, Principal at Daigle Creative

Narration to accompany video presentation: